Sunday, February 3, 2008

How I Get Ready For The Superbowl

The first thing I have to do is not even be aware when the Superbowl is and be surprised when my Mom and sister start discussing who will host the party this year. Second, I have to have no idea who is playing and when I venture a guess, really have no idea if I'm even guessing a football team or a baseball team.

Next on my to do list, is of course food. My son must wait until the morning of Superbowl to tell me that he would like to bring his famous Superbowl Subs. Made them last year, so of course, that is the start of a tradition. Duh, Mom. We will have to hit the grocery store after church to get all his supplies, and that means we will all be hungry and what would have cost $20, now will cost $35. Suddenly everything looks so darn yummy, and we are starving. Church is hard work!

Now the making of the sandwich. I only supervise to make sure that hands are washed and knifes are being used correctly. It is a lovely sandwich, made better when I throw those nasty tomatoes off my slice.

It's almost time to leave. Do I have everything? Let me see. My book, my cell phone, my paper and pen in case I need to write some letters, and a secret stash of candy to get me through the game. Check and check.

I'm really in it for the commercials. I want to laugh so hard I can't breath.

And that is how I get ready for the Superbowl.

Go Mariners!

Kidding! I know they play basket--er, baseball!

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  1. 2 things - 1: loved the sandwich much better then I thought even with the aioli/mayonnaise! 2: A secret stash of candy! What!! I hope it was gross candy since you did not share!