Monday, February 11, 2008

Tater Tots: Not Even Ketchup Can Save Them

I love potatoes. I absolutely love them, anyway I can get them. I'm to potatoes as Bubba was to shrimp!

French fried, baked, hash-browned, soups and name a way, I'm sure to love it.

Except tater tots.

Even drenching each individual tot in ketchup does not make them delicious, and I love ketchup. I could write a whole post on why ketchup is the most perfect condiment.

When Napoleon Dynamite put tater tots in his pants pocket, I was pretty sure I would never even taste one again. That scene alone was stomach turning, but when he ate one from his pocket....Dude, that's just not right.

But I still buy them. My kids and husband love them, so I will cook them as a super special treat, usually with a vegetarian corn-dog because I feel a little bad that I only buy vegetarian corn-dogs. Those corn-dogs taste great and there's no questionable meat parts in them!

Honestly, there is not enough ketchup in a Costco size bottle to make a tater tot yummy. I am so happy to know my nephews feel the same.

Rock on J.O.L. and M.A.L. and live the tater tot free life!

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  1. WHAT??? I still love tater tots and can not believe you do not like them. Also, did not know that about Napolean Dynomite - it ruins them a little for me but I will still eat tater tots. It is kind of perplexing that my son will eat the grunge from around the dog food bowl but not a tater tot!