Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day, You Aren't So Bad

I don't like Valentine's Day.

Let me rephrase that. I love the candy. I love getting flowers and a romantic card. I hate going out.

Frankly, my husband and I are Valentine's Day Date cursed. We've never had a romantic date go right. We got lost in Vancouver, BC, and saw a real skanky hooker standing on a scary back street. We can laugh about it now, but that night ended with us crossing back into the good old US of A and eating a good burger at McDonald's. We were only 17 at the time, so it was a pretty intense night, and nothing soothes away the creepy like hot french fries.

So, with my husband deployed, I have not really given this day much thought. I'd like flowers, but I can live without if he can't send them. I woke up this morning, not remembering what day it was. I was just excited that it is my day off and the kids both went to school. When the phone rang at 8:30, I thought, please don't be work.

It was my husband! Calling to say he loves me. He told me I should go get a mocha, play around on the computer, and read a book. He knows me so well, that is my exact idea of a great day off. Hearing his voice, talking to him, was honest to God, the best gift I've ever had on Valentines Day.

Later the doorbell rang. Roses! Roses from the best guy in the world, with a card that made me laugh and cry.

Okay, Valentine's Day, you're sure as heck no Fourth of July, but you'll do.

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