Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Introducing Emma, Guard Beagle

Emma is our darling two year old Beagle. Anyone who knows us, knows we are a little nutso about her. She is our baby. I don't dress her up in dog sweaters, mostly because the one time the vet recommended she wear a toddler shirt to keep her from licking stitches, she ran into the kitchen and literally wriggled out of it. I got the hint. No clothes!

She's not just a dog to us. She is a Beagle, with a capital B. She is a member of our family who has her own chair in the living room, her own spot on my bed, her own seat in the car. She is a tad spoiled. We can't help it! She's so darn cute! She is also the queen of silly sitting. She prefers to be sprawled out in what we affectionately call "porn dog"!

And anyone who knows us, or actually, anyone who lives near us or walks by our house, knows Emma loves to bark. She is a Beagle, and she's doing what she loves. We live in on a corner, so she has two sides of yard that follow the sidewalk, and she will run along side it barking at anyone who dares enter her sphere of the world.

It's actually quite shocking to walk unsuspecting by our house and have Emma jump out from behind bushes to bark at you for as long as she can see you. She sounds big and scary, but she's a love. Babies can poke her eye, pull her whiskers, wrap her soft silky ears around their hands, and she just sits there nicely. But let her outside, and you are guaranteed to have some serious barking.

I'm not complaining. Not at all. Since we got our wonder Beagle, we have not had one single thing stolen from our garage. Everyone knows Emma patrols her yard loudly and often!

But, she hardly ever barks in the house. I can only think of a handful of times that she's let loose with her baying inside.

That is changing.

Emma is applying for the position of Guard Beagle and she's doing very nicely. Since her Dad has been deployed, she has stepped up on her attentiveness to strange noises. She's growled at a strange scratching at our front door, came out of her crate to bark at my sister coming in when I was unaware, and last night she had me ready to use a folded up music stand on the head of whoever was freaking her out at the back door.

What a relief to recognize that shadowy shape standing outside! I put down my whacker and pretended I hadn't been about to open a can of whoop ass on my brother in law.

Emma is hired! She can guard our house inside and out. I have no worries that she will turn into a serious meany.

She will always be a couch potato at heart!!

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