Friday, August 15, 2008

Dancing Dolphin, You Sicken Me

I hate dolphins. I know, right, totally weird. I think they are repulsive, sinister, creepy ocean creatures, with sharp teeth, and a freaky sound system.

When the Simpsons had a Halloween special where dolphins take over the world, I was not at all surprised. They are pure evil. Nothing that lives in the ocean should be that friendly with you. Be afraid, be very afraid!

In Mamma Mia, there is a mosaic dolphin in the courtyard. I choose to ignore it. An otherwise fantabulous movie lost a point for having a dolphin.

During my third viewing of it, my husband whispered, "How do you like it when the dolphin dances?"

Um, what? I have no clue what he's talking about.

Thank goodness I'm recovering from vertigo, and can't stand to look at spinning things, because when they are all dancing in a spinning circle in the courtyard, I close my eyes, and sometime during that scene, the dolphin dances to the beat.

I had been feeling sad that I was missing a part of the movie, missing it four times, but now that I know the mosaic dolphin gets to have a bit part, I am glad I missed it.

Dolphins. Pure Evil. Should not have a place in one of my favorite movies of all time!

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  1. I didn't close my eyes, but I never saw a dancing dolphin. I guess I'll just have to go see MAMMA MIA! again...