Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Am So Jealous!!

I honestly thought I wasn't going to get anymore tattoos. Honestly! Even though my daughter laughed when I said that, and my husband said he didn't believe it, I really was sure I was done.

Then my husband came home with his new-rocking-absolutely-fantastic tattoo on his right forearm, and I am so insanely jealous I can hardly stand it! I want another one! Or three!

The best part is, he went to a new tattoo shop in our little cow town, in what used to be an abandoned building, before that it was a church, and he was so impressed with the artist, the shop, everything. He even told the guy he was pretty sure after I saw how great his tattoo looked, I'd soon be down at the shop.

He is totally right. I have a folder of ideas and I'm ready to go!

And when my husband told me that it really hurt right there, and pointed to a certain spot, I was challenged. I can so handle that momentary pain!

I've heard all the concerns about how will I like my tattoos when I'm old and wrinkly, and my answer to that is, I will love them. I didn't smoke or drink to excess or do any sort of drugs. I didn't run away from home, stay out all night partying, or really, have any wild stories from my youth to tell my grand kids. But I will have tattoos. Lot's of them. And I will proudly show them off, wrinkles and all!

Now if I only had time to get something done before the family reunion in a few weeks.....


  1. Hmm... I was thinking of getting my belly button pierced. I'm still waiting to figure out a good inspiration for a tattoo for my kids. I would like one on my upper arm or on my hip. I think that would hurt but be very sexy. :)

  2. I'm out of my comfort zone with tattoos so I'll just smile and say how cool they look on you. I did see an old lady the other day with a big tattoo on her arm and I thought how weird....but tattoos are the craze right now so there will be lots of wrinkly old tattoos running around when you girls are old!