Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mama Mia!!

I was raised on Musicals. I grew up thinking EVERYONE knew, watched and loved L'il Abner, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers....Turns out that is not the case. Musicals died out long before I was born. Thank goodness for DVDs!

But suddenly, we are having some Musicals making a comeback. Wicked Awesome!

Today I saw Mama Mia with my daughter, both sisters, my Mom, my Grandma, and my second Mom. It was a girl day and it was fantastic. The youngest sister sat between the older sisters, since we have a tendency to giggle when it's a sad moment, and as the opening music started to play, I thought, "I'm going to LOVE this movie...."

That is an understatement. This movie is so good, I was ready to leave the theater, buy two more tickets and go back in right away! There is nothing like a good musical: romance, comedy, drama and tragedy all rolled into one wonderful movie, with toe tapping music. Where is the theater that you can sing along to the songs? We would have been belting out every word we knew, and mumbling through the ones we didn't!

I know, Pierce Brosnan got all our hearts racing, but really, when I saw Stellan SkarsgÄrd riding his motorcycle, with the tattoos on his knees, I shivered. I might have a thing for old dudes!

But the best part of the day was afterwards, when one sister called to tell the other two she had already purchased the soundtrack and it was awesome, the other two rushed over to the store and bought it too, ripped the plastic off before we even got into the car and listened to it LOUDLY all the way home.

Mama Mia!


  1. Okay so who has ever heard of Stellen Skarsgard before??? Is there a Swedish connection with ABBA? It doesn't matter - all 3 of those guys were list worthy!

  2. I knew who Stellen Skarsgard was before the movie!

    Pity Brandon he has had to listen to the CD, me singing along to the words I sort of know, and repeated re-telling of my favorite parts of the movie!

    I love musicals!