Friday, October 3, 2008


The best sandwich in the world only needs three things: white bread, Jiff peanut butter, and Smuckers seedless strawberry jam.

To make it absolutely perfect, once the sandwich is made, but it in a sandwich baggy, deposit that into the bottom of a brown lunch bag, and put a heavy apple on top of it, to make it all squished and soggy by the time lunch rolls around.

I'm not kidding. When I pack my own lunch, I do that on purpose.

My kids think it's nasty, and I've had to apologize more than once for forgetting that not everyone thinks a smashed sandwich is the bomb!

It reminds me of being a kid, of opening my lunch box and thinking "yum"...except for that one year when we had homemade plum jam with the skins still swimming in the jelly. That was not okay.

I rarely allow myself the treat of a good pb&j sandwich, but the other day I did. As I pulled it out of my bag (the last thing in the bag mind you), I flashed back to grade school and had to smile at the one thing my perfect sandwich was did not have a bite out of it.

That's right. A bite. I don't ever remember a sandwich my Mom made for us that didn't have a bit taken first. I had thought this was perfectly normal, and every kid had a bite in their sandwich. Nope. Turns out, we were special.

I like to think of it as our Mom's way of saying "Hi" when we were at school.

Either that or she loves PB&J on white bread as much as me and just could not resist that delicious bite of perfection!

I personally don't take bites of the kids sandwiches....I am perfectly happy just licking the pb off the knife. And since licks don't really count, I don't have to record it in my food journal!

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  1. Licking PB off the knife, bites of cookie dough, nibbling my way through the dinner making mess-all our funny ways to avoid calories. Sharing sandwiches with my girls...priceless.

    PS. I know you weren't allowed to lick the knife at home!