Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Slug In Disguise

My husband was getting ready for bed last night, putting on his "good dreams" sweat pants (we are testing a theory that he will sleep better with less crazy dreams if he is warmer!), when badness happened.

My husband took a step towards his nightstand and made a "yikes, holy cow, what the heck!" sort of yelp. I sat up immediately and looked over the edge of the bed. A spider? Is it a big spider? Usually my fearless husband only yelps when he is startled by a spider.

"It's a slug! On me!" he said. A slug? I lean over to take a closer look. Uh, that's not a slug.

"It's dog poop!!!" he yelled. "Sarah!!!!"

As he hobbled out of the room to wash his feet, I collapse on the bed in laughter. If I was a better wife, I would have cleaned up the mess on the floor, but I was too weak from laughing so hard. I kept hearing his surprised yell, then him saying it was a slug, and I would start laughing even harder. I had tears in my eyes!

I thought I was under control when he came back in. I asked if he needed to take a shower and he said no, he'd scrubbed the crap out of his feet. I started to giggle. Yep, I said, you better have.

After everything was cleaned, and we were in bed settling in, my husband said, "I'm not sure, but a slug might have been worse."

I believe he fell asleep to the sound of my laughter.


  1. I don't know. Stepping barefoot on a slug is pretty gross, but dog poop in your bedroom?? I don't know if I could have put my feet in bed after that! That is pretty funny though. How did the 'sweet dream pants' work out?

  2. At least if it had been a slug you wouldn't have any warts!

    Yucky, yucky, yucky...thank goodness you didn't fall in love with St. Bernards!