Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sarah Keep Your Pants On!

I just uttered a sentence I thought I would never say, ever. Sarah is our darling 7 month old puppy, who is getting spayed February3rd....and who has decided now would be a perfect time to go into heat.


And I've been hoping it would not be too messy. And when I came home from work and saw that it was getting messy I did what anyone else would do. I took a pair of my daughters too small underwear, cut a whole for Sarah's tail, cut the sides so I could tie them on like diapers, and voila, Sarah had a pair of red pants.

She wore them for quite a few hours, and I was thinking this might work. My furniture might be safe.

Until she discovered she could chew on a knot and untie it. I put them back on. She started to do somersaults and insane back wiggles to get them off again.

And that is when I said it. "Sarah keep your pants on!!"

Being a dog, and very much like a child, she went into the kitchen where I couldn't see her, and took them off anyway.

She did look insanely silly. Insanely. Notice the crazy in her eyes.
I guess it could just be the doggy PMS, but I think it's the indignity of having to wear hand me down underwear, out in public. And people, ahem, Grandma K, laughed at her!

I haven't had the heart to wrestle her back into them. I'm just going to cover all the furniture with old sheets and we will all be much happier. With less crazy eyes I'm sure!

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  1. This stomach makes my stomach hurt. This is why I secretly hate dogs. That is disgusting!