Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Am A Lotion Junkie

I don't know how it happened. One day I was in my 20's and buying the cheap store brand lotion and just using it on a less than religious bases. Now I'm in my 30's and I've got so many bottles of lotion on my nightstand and vanity, it makes my husband laugh.

It wasn't a conscious thing. I'm not even buying ones that fight the good fight against age and wrinkles.

I'm just buying lotion because every time I see an add or a commercial for dry skin, I think, 'that looks interesting.' It's like I'm on a permanent quest to find the best, most lotiony lotion, and I must try every brand there is.

I clip every coupon for lotion that I see, so my beauty section of my coupon holder is bursting with tiny squares of paper. I can stand in the lotion aisle of the commissary with several different brand name coupons in my hands, while I debate the choices. Go with the cheapest after the coupon? Go with the one that promises to quench thirsty skin? Or how about the one that is unscented, since I worry about getting a headache from something too perfumey?

I will also try anyone elses lotion. So if you leave it unguarded in your bathroom or on your office desk, I'm going to try it. That has once led me to try a lotion that actually turned out to be a fancy hand soap, but I washed my hands twice....that's not a bad thing in the bathroom.

I currently have four different lotions in use: two different kinds of Lubriderm (one on permanent kitchen duty), a body butter by Arbonne (in two different scents: vivacious and flirtatious), Oil of Olay for my face, and a very nice Working Hands for my, well, hands! If you count my sparkly body balm, it actually makes five. That is not counting the ones I've tried, but haven't finished by the time the urge to buy a new brand hits me, that still sit on my vanity gathering dust.

Five lotions I use every day.

But you know what? I must be doing something right because I am 34 and I just got seriously carded last week when I ordered a Margarita. The server gave my ID a close scrutiny, doing a double take at me and the picture of me.

Now that is totally worth being a lotion junkie!

Side note, has any tried the new Gold Bond lotions? I have a coupon....

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