Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Resolutions

Once again I've attended a Superbowl party. Once again, I'm not sure how this happened. I don't even understand the rules of football, let alone, seriously enjoy a game! Regardless, this is becoming a tradition so I've come up with a few resolutions to follow from now on.

1. I will not pack a bag of things to do, like a book to read or photo's to crop. I never do any of it. Mind you, I'm not engrossed in the game, I'm just talking with my Mom and sisters. But I never do any of the boredom busting things I've packed, so officially, it is a waste of time to pack it in the first place.

2. I will be more aware of what I eat. I won't bring my food journal, or maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea, and I won't bring my food scale, but I will stop grazing at the snack table. I will still eat the chips and the cookies and the pizza dip, but I will put it on the plate so I can see what I'm eating! I'm still feeling sick the morning after.

3. I will pay more attention to the TV because I missed some of my favorite parts of Superbowl Sunday: the commercials! I had to go online and see Conan O'Brien in a way I'm not sure anyone should have ever seen him. My favorite commercial was the one for pet adoption: the old lady chasing her pet ostrich, saying "bad bird" was so funny. And frankly, everyone should have a dog. It would make the world a better place!

4. I will try to know who is playing in the Superbowl before I actually arrive at the party. It's as simple as looking online, but I just had a vague idea of it being Arizona and another team. And on the morning after, I will remember who won....all I can say right now is, the other team won! They wore yellow and white uniforms and that's all I know.

I do not go to the Superbowl party because I am a fan of football. I go because I am a fan of family and fun and food, and I get all those things in loads! Laughing with my sisters, eating my Mom's yummy food, watching my little nephews be silly and my own kids be the cool big cousins....that's the Superbowl party for me.

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