Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Kind Of Parents Are We?

Nice ones!

If you've seen Holes, you know that is a take on one of the funniest movie lines. If you haven't seen it, the quote and the sarcasm are lost on you. Sorry!

We are somehow raising very good kids. Don't want to toot my own horn, but they are smart, funny, well behaved (minus a bit of bleach spilling and window breaking), and I'm not sure how we have done it. Must be the Beagles. Beagles make everything better.

But we have two things we've done to them that we still laugh about hysterically, while at the same time we agree that is a sign of terrible parenting.

D was scared of a book about a village of people unhappy about their life. They took whatever made them unhappy and put it on a clothes line. Sounds scary, I know. The part that freaked him out was the Bakers Red Hair. The baker hated his red hair, so HE TOOK IT OFF. All we had to say was "Bakers Red Hair" and D would be totally upset.

L did not like an old Barbie of mine that happened to be Bald. Completely hairless. It was one of those fake Barbies you can buy at the dollar store, and the weird thing was it didn't even have any holes in it's head where hair might have once come out of. It was all fine when the barbie had her stocking hat on, but start to pull that hat off, and L would start to cry and run away.

Guess how much enjoyment we got from saying "Bakers Red Hair" or slowly tugging that stocking hat off Bald Barbie?

I am ashamed to say, way too much. So much that it's been years since we did it, years since we owned those two fear inducing things, and we still laugh when we talk about it.

Yep. What kind of parents are we?

If you ask us, funny ones. If you ask our kids, well, they might need counseling when they are adults.

Especially since D recently said he was worried about someone hiding in the shower and jumping out and getting him, and Dad promptly did that very thing. It was no Bakers Red Hair, though.

Nothing will top that.

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