Saturday, May 30, 2009

At Oh Cho's House....

.....We look all over the yard for dog poop for Oh Cho to pick up, play outside in the sprinkler, litter the patio (and the dogs) with peanut shells, have Happy Meals for dinner with ice cream sandwiches for dessert, watch Oh Cho's favorite Disney movies, make a little bed for J on the floor next to Oh Cho's bed, pull the playpen over as close to the little bed as possible for M (so close that Uncle E doesn't have a way to get into bed on his side!), read five bed time stories while we all (even Sarah Beagle) sit on Oh Cho's bed,take pillows and blankets out to the "boat", fix a wooden chair and work on a motorcycle, buy the biggest bag of Swedish Fish we've ever seen, and have so much fun, Oh Cho misses the boys desperately when they leave!

1 comment:

  1. They miss you too! They will be so happy to see on you Thursday!