Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whats Grosser Than Gross?

We had a blast at Seaside, it might be one of my favorite trips!

On the way home, at a rest stop, I raced into the bathroom, put that protective cover down and sat down on total wetness. Like, it totally could be water splash up from flushing the toilet, but then again, it could be pee. Most likely it is pee. GROSS.

But is it grosser than us eating lunch outside at a picnic table when a ill crow decides to perch in the branches above our table and cover one end of the table with diarrhea? It got into an open bag of chips, splattered all over the table including a chip clip and a little guy's lunch. It was gag inducing, literally. I am proud to say I threw a smallish rock at the bird and made it fly off.

But it was too late. We drew an invisible line on the table. One side was safe. One side was contaminated and every thing at to go. And that was the end of lunch. Barely begun, but totally done. We practically bathed in hand sanitizer after we cleaned up the mess.

That actually was grosser than possibly sitting in a strangers pee.

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  1. It was pretty gross. My favorite part was when Mom said she would do the clean-up, took one look at the mess and walked way gagging. It was pretty funny. Grosser then just sitting in pee, is flushing the toilet at Babies R Us and having spray from the toilet hit you on the leg and knowing you won't have a chance to shower for a couple of days!