Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again

Time for spring cleaning? Planting seeds in your garden? Go crazy with some remodeling?

Nope. It's that time of year again when the spiders come out to play.

In the last two days I have found one giant daddy long leg smashed on the bathroom wall, right below our hand towel (gross!), one little dime size one sitting on the edge of the tub with a scary sense of where I was, but last nights takes the prize as being the first big and hairy one of the year.

And what's better is that it was either in my daughters rubber boot the whole time she was wearing it, or it was on her rubber boot as she came in. Regardless, it was on her person somehow when she was next to me.

We had seven middle school kids here after church, and I was reading gossip on the computer (my favorite source of news) when my daughter took her boots off as she stood next to me. The next thing I know she's jumping back and screaming, I look down and start screaming, one of her friends is running up the stairs screaming, and I will admit to it here, I was standing on my chair.

My husband, meanwhile, is washing dishes in the kitchen and ignoring the screams because, in his words, how was that different than any other Wednesday night? Um, how about your wife was screaming your name?

That spider was huge, like 50 cent piece huge. And it just kind of sat there, like, cool, glad to be free of that sweaty boot.

My daughter's other friend, the one who wasn't at the top of the stairs screaming, took up one of those dreadful boots and gave the beast a couple of whacks.

It was dead. Now that the screaming is over, my son and his friends wander in to see it, and step on it to make sure it's dead, and my husband wanders in with a paper towel to wipe it up. Girls do not need guys to kill spiders. We might need them if we are feeling generous and want to let it go, alive and unharmed, outside. There is no way I'm catching a monster spider. But other wise, after the screaming, we can get the job done.

Three spiders in two days. Got to wonder about all the others that you can't see.

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