Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Only Vacation Worry

My only worry while I'm gone on vacation anywhere, isn't that the house will burn down, or we'll be burgled again, or the garden will dry up and die, it is simply this:

I am afraid I'll miss my holds at the library.

I keep all my favorite authors bookmarked, and I check their websites so I know when the newest books are coming out. I put holds on books when the library still has them listed as "acquisitions".

You could say I am a serious holder of books at the library. And I hate the idea of missing out by having a book come in while I'm gone for two weeks. They only hold those books 7 days!

And what if I forget what obscure book I've put on hold? I don't just read my favorites. I branch out and put holds on anything I hear about that sounds interesting. I just don't always remember I've done that until the book arrives on the shelf with the tag "Young Mic".

So before I leave on vacation, I print out my hold list. If I miss one while I'm gone, I'm still sad. But now I don't have to worry that I'll forget some super spectacular book I was planning on reading!

I can not begin to describe the relief this plan of action has given me....it's a life saver!

But guess what I forgot to do before we left on our two week trip? That's right. I didn't print my list and I worried that idea until my husband said he'd stop and find an 'internet cafe' just so I could get my list....but that struck me as being a tad (BTW, any time I write tad, I think of Tad Martin from AMC, when he was in love with Dixie and fell off the bridge and everyone thought he was dead, but we'd seen him wandering lost and confused so we knew he was alive and that was when AMC totally rocked) anyway, it seemed silly.

Although, now that I'm home, I'm pretty sure my holds list is smaller! I should have stopped somewhere to check!

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