Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Feeling......Wicked!

Friday night we left our daughter at a friends house, and our son home alone, and we went out for a night in the big city of Seattle. Well, to be honest, dinner was not in Seattle, but it was a good 30 minutes away from our home stomping grounds, so it counts as living the big city life! It was super crazy to do something when we didn't have a babysitter to worry about.

Kind of made me feel Wicked!

Then we went to the Paramount to see the musical Wicked (sort of set the tone for my whole night!) We got there with 13 minutes to spare, just enough time to hit the head and find our lovely seats. We were on the third level of the balcony, but we were in two seats that formed their own row! No one tried to climb over us to their seat, no one was wedged into the seat next to me trying to take my arm rest, and the seats were super comfortable. When the curtain went up and we saw the flying monkeys scampering around the stage, I knew this show was going to rock.

It was Wicked awesome!

We got out of the show just a little after 11, and the night was still young, and I was feeling Wicked, so we did something we haven't done since high school.....To all those people who immediately jumped to 'making out in the car', sorry, we've done that since high school!
No, we hit our local Denny's on our way home, just like we did after Prom. We had coffee with real cream (I tell you, I was feeling Wicked!) and had some pie. Actually, I had cheesecake which is entirely different than pie, and I can attest to the fact that Denny's at Island Crossing has a Wicked delicious cheesecake!
Since we were home so early, we thought we'd be further our Wickedness by watching late night TV while we were snuggled down in our bed with our dogs......
And that's were the Wickedness ends! We fell asleep almost as soon as we laid down. It had been a long day filled with work, then a wonderful awesome date night, and our bed was so comfy and warm and the next thing I knew Joel McHale was signing off and the dogs were taking up too much space.
But, days later, I'm still loving my Wicked Friday night. It was Wicked Perfect!!!

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