Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Point For Short Hair

Four months ago, my daughter cut her hair short. Like, short short. Sometimes people think she's a very cute time that was me. I thought her friend was walking home with a boy, until they got close to the house and I realized that boy was my daughter!

My daughter marches to the beat of not just her own drummer, but the entire marching band. I am very proud of her and her choices and her desire to be her own person. I am! Although, if I'm honest, the short hair has been an adjustment for me.

She has stopped wanting to dye her hair hot pink (thank goodness!) because she is actually the only girl in middle school with short hair. She stands out in a crowd, in a good way.

Which is actually a huge point in the favor of short hair! At the cross country meets, when all the girls running look alike in tie dye shirts and dark shorts, there is only one girl without a bouncing pony tail. I don't need binoculars to see my daughter.

I have never been prouder of her than I am in that moment, watching her run the distance, put on a burst of speed and cross the finish line going as hard as she can.

Good job, my lovely, short haired, beautiful daughter!

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  1. Short hair, long hair, pink hair or no hair....she makes us proud each and every day! Whether she is playing piano at a nursing home after only a few months of lessons, auditioning for middle school jazz ensemble, finishing every race even if it makes her sick....the list of her accomplishments goes on and on. She is our beloved granddaughter.