Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's That Smell?

Let's play that fun and delightful game, What's That Smell?

Usually played in the kitchen were you wander around the room asking yourself, is it the garbage? Raw chicken left in the can never smells good. Is it the sink? Let's give it a scrubbing with bleach. Is it the fridge? Let's toss any leftovers that look questionable. Is it the fruit bowl? Check to make sure a plum hasn't fallen behind the bowl.

I am now playing that game in our car. I get in every morning and roll down the windows in spite of the cool Fall weather. It smells bad, and I can't figure out why! It's not as easy to track down as the kitchen smell, especially when the car isn't that cluttered. Today I will pull up the seats and look in every crevice.....

What I'd like to find is an old mocha cup, with just enough coffee left to go bad but not enough to spill onto the carpet.

Like the bag full of moisture and two pieces of bread wedged up into the canned foods in our kitchen. The bread was 100% blue gray and the bag could have poured out 1/4 c of liquid. I'm not positive that was the smell in our kitchen, but since I found it and tossed it, I can breath easier.

Game on car smell. I have never lost a round and I don't plan on starting now!


  1. I seem to play that game all the time in my kitchen. I just blame it on the plywood countertop, but I am never sure!

  2. Supposedly charcoal placed under the seat is an air filter/freshener. hmmm.