Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Am A Closet Trekkie

I actually had no idea I was a Trekkie, closeted or not, until the new movie came out.

I mean, I know I watched reruns of the original series. I remember getting scared silly with some of those episodes and that might explain my fear of deep space and all the alien horror that might entail. I loved the Next Generation. I occasionally watched Capt Janeway but I never watched the Scott Bakula show.

I have watched all the Next Generation movies. I think I've seen the original Star Trek movies. I know for sure I feel asleep during The Wrath of Khan at the movie theater. In my defense, I was just a little kid and it was kind of boring. And I remember one with the whales (which also scared me silly since I have a fear of the deep sea too).

I am no stranger to the genre. But I did not know I loved it until I saw the latest movie in the theater.

First, when I heard they were making a Star Trek movie, with Capt Kirk and Spock and Bones and Uhura and Scotty and Sulu and Chekov, I was horrified. What is it with the movie industry that they can't come up with anything new? That being said, has any one seen a trailer for The A Team? Holy Smokes! I'll be there opening weekend. Then I saw a movie poster and thought, hey that does look like Spock. Then I saw a preview and thought, wowzer! That looks good.

Star Fleet of the USS Enterprise

Then I saw the movie in the theater and I was in love! It was so awesome. The beginning just takes off with a bang and it never slows down. I fell in love with these alternate reality characters.

We just rented the move and watched it at home. It only got better! And as I sat on our new couch, all snuggled in next to E, and we were talking about Star Trek, all generations of it, and trying to explain to our daughter how we remember the original series in reruns, and it is such an iconic part of our life, I realized I am a Trekkie.

Not so hard core that I would recite things in Klingon or have serious technical questions about space travel and I probably won't don an Uhura costume and go to conventions.....but you never know!

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  1. I also remember the whale one and it scared me. Haven't seen the new one, but now I will have to! You can't call yourself a trekkie if you don't have a costume - or just make it your next tattoo!