Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dog Doppelgangers

It has come to my attention that our lovely Beagle Sarah is a dead ringer for a celebrity.

What? Doesn't everyone know that somewhere, out there, a dog is drooling on the doggy version of your face? It seems like that should be common knowledge.

Sarah is a very cute Beagle, a little on the wrong side of disgustingly skinny. She's healthy, but you can see her rips and every one of her vertebrae. She's also got a very sharp jaw line and a big old mole on her cheek. Her back legs look pretty frail, almost as if they can't support all of her weight.

Today we noticed that Sarah is almost the spitting image of one Sarah Jessica Parker! Yes! Be amazed, but also see the truth in our words.

It's like looking at twins! Granted, SJP has recently removed her mole, while Sarah Beagle now has one on each side of her face....that in itself is suspicious.....

Well, now you know. So when you see the dog that looks like me, quick, take a picture! I'd love to see it.


  1. That is pretty funny. Sorry SJP removed her mole, ever thought of cosmetic surgery for Sarah?