Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Monday Morning, So....

So I must have a huge case of the lazies.

I must get up grudgingly when the alarm goes off. Trudge up the stairs to wake up the kids. Stare bleary eyed at the email.

Drag myself off to exercise. Feed the super charged Beagles their breakfast.

Drink three cups of coffee while I read gossip on the internet. Eat my breakfast while I start another book.

Can't put the book down, so I must get into the shower 15 minutes behind schedule.

What I've planned to wear today will either be in the dirty clothes or desperately need to be ironed. Plan B will be a jean skirt.

And as I'm racing out the door, late, the last of the coffee poured into my pink thermos and a bottle of water and a snack bag of nuts shoved in my purse, I must remember to put a new note on the door for my son. The note that says the same thing every single day, but must be replaced every day because he won't read the old one.

"Please feed and water the dogs. Thanks. Love Mom."

Did I mention the case of the lazies? It feels particularly bad this morning.

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