Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Dog's Internal Alarm Clock Stops For No Man Or Saturday

Every dog has one, an internal alarm clock that can not be reset for weekends or holidays.

They just know when it's 5:30 AM that they should have been up and at 'em about 12 minutes ago and they want up.

If I can sleep until 6 before I hear a dog bark, I consider myself blessed.

On Saturday when Olive barks at 5:30, one of us will let loose the hounds from their crates and follow their racing bodies back to bed. Sarah will be first to leap up. Feels like she starts to jump as soon as she crosses the threshold. Emma will take a look at the lay of the land, see where the other dogs might be before she jumps, and only if the covers have been pulled back in invitation. Our little Olive just scrabbles at the edge of the bed until I lift her up. I've seen her jump on the bed twice, but both times it was a spur of the moment, chasing Sarah decision. If she gives it any thought, she can't figure out how to do it.

Then it's the mad dive under the covers, each claiming a spot, their spot, the spot they go to every single time. Emma on my left, Sarah curled up with my knees and Olive curled up with Sarah.

It's not that their alarm clock is saying 'get up, go outside'....their clock is set to 'it's time to sleep with Mom' and they do not like to miss that part of their morning!

I thought the bed was crowded when it was Emma, impossible to get comfortable with Sarah and Emma, and perfect now with Olive, Sarah and Emma. Same bed, same husband, same dog crazy wife, yet the bed is big enough for three dogs and two people.

It's something to puzzle on, along with how I might get them to sleep in a wee bit more on a Saturday morning!

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