Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Not Fair!

It's not fair is the anthem of childhood, isn't it? And lets be honest, as adults we often feel that way, even when we don't let it out in a whine!

Before I had kids, I read that saying life isn't fair is like saying God isn't fair, and we know that God is a fair and just God. Saying it is being rude to God. I determined right there that I would not say life's not fair to my kids.

Even if I believe it to be true in some cases.

Take, for instance, my favorite pair of exercise pants, previously blogged about as my pirate pants. Super comfy, super wonderful, super fantastic, super need another pair. I have been in search of new pirate pants. The old ones aren't worn out, but as I told my dear husband, if he can have more than one pair of running shorts, I can have more than one pair of pirate pants.

The difference being that I will wear my pirate pants all day long, to the store or the bank or the library, and he will only wear his running shorts when he runs. So he reasons, rightly, the more dread pirate pants I have, the more I'll wear them!

Still, I'm shopping for pirate pants. Shopping, shopping, shopping. None to be found. I can find "fitted" (read skin tight) exercise leggings, or loose elephant leg exercise pants, but no cropped pants that flow around my legs just right.

I am ready to say it. I am bursting to say it.

That's Not Fair!!!!

Strangely, I feel much better. Hmmm!

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  1. That is what I say whenever I try to go shopping at Target for anything boy related. So many rows of girl clothes, tights, shoes, hats, and very very limited boy clothes. It's Not Fair!!!