Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Knew I Wasn't Going To Like It?

I should have, that's who.

I know myself well enough after 36 years of living in my own skin to know that as lovely as the picture might be, as perfectly as the extra veggies going to seed on my shelves will find a way to be eaten, as tasty as the name implies it will be, if it calls for sweet potatoes AND cauliflower AND onions AND garbanzo beans AND tomatoes, I probably won't like it.

I like most of those things on their own. With butter. Or cheese. Or cooked down until I don't recognize it (that's why I love ketchup!). But all together, with a liberal dash of hot curry powder, to replicate a dish from India, well, I shouldn't be surprised that I didn't like it.

But, here's the thing about me, I am actually adventurous. I do try new things and I like to taste new foods. I guess I will remain surprised every time a recipe I try doesn't quite live up to how I imagined it would taste.

I think that's why God made McDonalds, right? So when one of my adventurous meals is a complete and total fail, and I'm not feeling the love to start over on a new meal, the kids can still eat happy.

This might be why, on new meal nights, they are very eager to hear how the first bite is.

Is it good?

Yes? Oh. Okay.

No? Awesome! Cheeseburgers for us tonight!

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