Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orange You Glad

I am actually. I love oranges. I feel like winter is their time to shine. Their lovely sunny orange color gives us a splash of beauty in the gray weather. The first bite just bursts into your mouth and you know you are tasting sunshine.

I love eating oranges.

But, getting to the fruit is not so much fun. I can't throw an orange into my lunch bag and peel it at work. I hate having the juice squirt all around, I hate having my fingers stained that weird orange peel color.

I can take the time before work to peel my fruit, and bring it to work in a dish. I am usually not that prepared for work. Running late most days, don't you know.

So my lovely oranges sit on the counter, waiting for me to have the time to eat one.

There is cheer on the horizon! It's holiday time! That means bags of easy to peel clemintines!

Seedless only please.


  1. We just brought our first bag of clementines home. The boys love them!

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  3. I love oranges too, Here in Seville, you can walk by the streets while you're taking oranges from the trees, I think much of them are acidic though :) what I love most is orange blossom time, because the orange blossom leaves a beautiful and unmistakable fragance,