Sunday, November 21, 2010

Band-aide Wrappers Dream Of Flight

Haven't you noticed that? When you tear a band-aide wrapper off and try to drop it into the trash, it suddenly decides to fly. Or at least float around in the air.

I'm not sure if it's the idea of going into the garbage that makes it fly, or if it's always been a life long dream, but I do know it is true.

Those darn wrappers float and flutter and avoid the trash with all their might.

And when they land on the floor behind the bathroom garbage can, they inevitably stay there until I give the room a scrubbing.

Did no-one else notice when they let go of the wrapper that it did not make it to the garbage? Or are they like me, and did notice, but wasn't wearing the proper gear (rubber gloves) to reach down behind the can and way too close to the back of the toilet, to pick it up?

I've taken to wadding the wrapper up to give it some weight to fall right into the trash.

But darn those two little plastic pieces I peel off the back of the sticky. They are the true dreamers of flight!

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