Friday, March 7, 2008

Dexter's Mom Has Got It Going On

Yellow. Rubber. Gloves. Nuff said. We all know how totally sexy they are.

I used to see those packages at the grocery store and think who really uses them to wash dishes? Dexter's Mom always had them on, and it was so cartoonishly funny, I never in a million years thought I would seriously think of wearing them.

I haven't had a dishwasher in years. That's okay with me, I don't mind. I don't miss the dishwasher one bit. But it started to feel like I was always washing my hands, or the laundry or the dishes. No amount of lotion was working to save my hands from drying out. Trust me, I'm a bit of a lotion junkie. I tried almost every kind of lotion out there.

That's when I started thinking about the gloves. I thought about if for weeks before I bought a pair. I tried them on and thought, this is weird. I dipped them in the water and thought, this is weird. I felt along the dish pan for silverware and thought this really feels weird.

After two weeks, I bought two more pairs. I now have a back up pair on hand for the dishes, and one pair labeled with permanent marker "bathroom" so I don't have to scrub anything in that room with my bare hands ever again. How did I live without these gloves? I carefully put them on and take them off, I don't let water get inside of them, I hang them up after use to let them dry off. I treasure these yellow rubber gloves.

I had no clue that Dexter's Mom was as smart as her genius son, and she's cute too. I can top her, though, when I put on my gloves, still have my work skirt and shirt on, flip flops, hair pulled up in a crazy knot and my ancient apron that says "In case you were wondering, I AM the boss"......yep. Totally smoking hot.

It's the gloves.

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  1. Now it will be because of the primer! Also, I don't know who Dexter is. I am guessing not the serial killer on Showtime?