Monday, December 29, 2008

Emma Knows Christmas

I'm not just saying Emma knows Christmas because I am dog gone crazy about her and think she is the smartest, cutest, best three year old Beagle there is....she really does remember Christmas!

It was Christmas Eve, I as always, still had all the presents to wrap and stockings to stuff. The kids were still up, wrapping presents for each other, for us, for Emma and Sarah. I was anxious to get started myself, so I thought I'd get the dogs stockings stuffed.

This is Emma when she woke up, on Christmas Eve, and saw her stocking. She was literally jumping to try to get it!
We took it down and hid it in our room so she would settle down for the night. First thing Christmas morning, she was in our room searching for her stocking. We got it down for her, and those peanut butter dog cookies quickly disappeared.

Sarah has learned what a chow hound Emma is, so she ate her cookies just as fast as Emma.

Emma knows Christmas is different than other present days. She never comes over on birthdays or father's days or anniversaries to try to get into presents being opened, but on Christmas day she knows, there is a present for her, so she checks out what everyone is opening, just in case they accidentally have something for her. The only mistake this year was Dad giving one of David's presents to Sarah!
Emma does have one present under the tree, and she loves to tear it open. Sarah was a little unsure of what was going on, but she sure loved her squeak toy. And actually, she loved Emma's toy too!
Then all the presents are opened, and all the wrapping paper on the floor has to be sniffed and dug through. Emma then settles down with a sad 'is it really over' look and tries to remember how good her cookies tasted.
Meanwhile, Sarah is loving having four new toys, her two and Emma's also!

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