Friday, December 12, 2008

My Nephews Are Monkeys

I have often said to my nephews J and M, "You two are monkeys!" To which the three year old tells me he doesn't have a tail, so he is not a monkey, and the 1 year old vigorously shakes his head no.

But I have proof! I was down yesterday to babysit and I was groomed by those two monkeys! First M found a comb and lovingly combed my bangs. Okay, I thought, that's interesting. Later, when J came home from preschool, the very first thing he did was find a lint roller and proceed to lint roll me. He kept telling me I was covered in dog hair, but he would help.

I asked if it was Emma and Sarah fur, or Nemo fur.....he started laughing and managed to giggle out, "Emma and Sarah hair!" I moved to kneel, since the roller was now firmly rolling fur off my backside, and the roller moved up to my shoulders. Much better! J told me he was making it all better, soon I would look very nice. Thanks, monkey boy! Meanwhile, M stood there nodding his head yes and smiling. He agreed with monkey number one that Oh Cho needed to be de-furred!

After nap, after our craft project, J found the comb and came out to the dining room table where I was picking up makers. He stood on a chair and asked if he could comb my hair. I said he could comb the ponytail part, but as anyone with a ponytail will tell you, it's impossible for a three year old to just comb the pony. Soon I just took the rubber band out, which made both boys laugh, and my hair was combed. When he was finished, J said, "Now you can put your pony back in. It's all better."

Awesome. I'm not sure it was all better. I felt like my hair looked wild when I was leaving their house. So dear sister, the mother to those grooming monkeys, I did not have a wild day that resulted in running my fingers through my hair in desperation. It was a great day. The crazy hair was thanks to some hair help from monkeys.

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  1. They are just so in awe of someone who has hair! They are also monkeys because of their crazy climbing skills. Glad you had fun on Thursday - they love having their Oh-Choo here!