Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the past 19 years of Valentine's Days, my husband and I have learned one important thing: Valentine's Day is not anything important!

It's just a day where EVERYONE is supposed to celebrate love. The restaurants are crowded, the card aisle are a mess, and candy is so deliciously tempting.

On our first Valentine's Day, my husband brought flowers to school for me, but I was home sick! He came over after school to visit me, and I remember sitting there worried to death that I would have to blow my nose while he was there. Besides the fact that blowing my nose is something I prefer to do in private, it is a romance killer!

The second one was our super failed trip to Vancouver, BC, which we were just laughing and talking about yesterday, and our kids said they'd all ready heard that story. Several times in fact. So I will forgo the retelling of it!

So we know, Valentine's Day isn't all it's cracked up to be. We are those super sappy people who tend to celebrate love all year long. I currently have two love cards on my shelf that my husband brought home in recent weeks, just because he felt like it.

Today my big plan is to make a pot of spaghetti, possibly splurge on a loaf of good sourdough bread, and just relax. Try to watch one of our 3 DVR'd Saturday Night Live shows. Nothing too special.

But I think my husband will tell you, the best thing that I did to celebrate this Love Day, is happening right now. He is sleeping in and I am up with three dogs, one daughter and a darn good pot of coffee.

He deserves a day where he isn't the guy in charge of mornings!

To my sleeping husband, the guy I have loved being with for 19 Valentine's Days, I hope you ignore that dog scratching at your door, the dog making a growling noise, the puppy running up and down the stairs and the daughter watching 'The Wedding Singer'. Sleep in!

I love you!!!

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  1. We made it a family day and went out with all the kids. B & I did have an extra appetizer and split dessert, so that was nice. Last night was my true gift: he went grocery shopping while I stayed home and did the dishes!