Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How's It Hanging?

Right vs. Wrong

Over or under?

In my opinion, and frankly, that's the only one that counts, toilet paper should be hung with the paper hanging over. It's the most logical way!

It's never really been an issue in our house. I've always hung it over, and so has my husband. The kids seem to not know how to replace a roll. It's also felt like I was the only one who replaced a roll.

Not so anymore! Some mystery helper has started putting new rolls up. Thank you! I haven't said anything before, but the rolls are being hung UNDER! Yes. Under. That means the paper is touching the wall. I'm the first to admit our bathroom is not the best part of our clean house. With four adult size people using one bathroom for all business, showering and mirror related activities, it gets more than it's share of use. And since I do not wash the walls more than once a year (it's more of a Lysol wipe down anyway) I do not want my toilet paper to touch the wall.

It's a quirk I have. Like never using the first square of toilet paper in a public restroom. Who knows who has touched that before me?

Is this TMI? Sorry! Back to the real story!

So the tp is being hung under. I didn't switch it over. Chalk it up to two parts lazy, one part not wanting to hurt the feelings of whomever gifted us with a new roll. But I dreaded going into the bathroom, to the wrong way roll of paper!

Then, half way through a roll, it was turned over. What a relief! To whomever did the turning: thank you! I appreciate you as much as I appreciate the person who decided to not set the new roll of tp on top of the empty tube.

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