Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Are Dog Models Always Boys?

I have an extreme love for all things Beagle.

Every year I ask for (and get) a For The Love Of Beagles calendar to hang on our kitchen wall. It's the one I use to plan meals and schedules. Not only does it have a big picture of a Beagle for every month, it has a smaller picture and some sort of doggy quote.

I love turning the page to a new month to read the quote!

I do not love turning the page to see, yet again, a boy dog posed to show all his glory. It seems like every page I looked at for this year's calendar showed a boy dog! I was going to not mention how February's dog was particularly show offish, but my daughter say it and said, "gross."

I put a sticky note over part of the dog and asked if that was better. It was not.

Every year I also get a Beagle pocket calendar for my purse. I write my work hours and things I need to remember when I'm out and about. Last year's calendar was filled with cute puppies and this years is full of boy dogs and crazy eyes.

I like boy dogs. I do! Without boy Beagles, we wouldn't have any baby Beagles. But for the love of Pete, why can't the photographers use some girl dogs?

Although, Emma does do quite a bit of what we affectionately call "porn sitting". You get the picture. It's not just boy Beagles who have a propensity for showing off their glory!

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  1. At least it is just your dogs. Tonight was bath night at our house and I was reminded again why this is normally Brandon's job. J. can only do his 'poses' on top of the toilet naked. It is not pretty.