Friday, April 22, 2011

The Nicest Guy In The World

I am very lucky to be married to the nicest guy in the world.

Now, before anyone gets upset and says they are married to the nicest guy in the world, let me present my sound reasoning.

This morning just before 4:30, I woke up a chorus of dog barks. I rolled over slightly and immediately, the nicest guy in the world woke up and asked what was wrong. The dogs are barking, I replied. He groaned and may have uttered a curse, but that was because he was getting up and his alarm clock was set to go off shortly and he was giving up his last bit of sleep to check on barking dogs.

The nicest guy in the world stumbled out to the dog crates and before long I heard the tub running.


That could only mean one thing. Our daughters dog occasionally needs a bath first thing in the morning because she is still working on keeping her crate potty free. If the tub is going, then Olive is needing a bath.

I got up because I didn't think the nicest guy in the world should have to deal with that. I found him in the bathroom, softly talking to a very sad dog, telling her it was okay, that being wet with pee was not fun but he would take care of her and half singing a made up song about washing.

Reminded me of when he would bath our new baby and sing made up songs about washing to him....I always fall a little bit more in love with the nicest guy when I hear his funny little songs!

I cleaned up the crate while Olive was getting towel dried. I was ready to go back to bed because my alarm doesn't go off until 5:45 so I still had time to rest, but I found our bedroom light on and the nicest guy digging around in his dresser. I asked if he was looking for a work shirt (please let him have at least one clean one!) but he said he was looking for an old shirt for Olive. He was positive he had one he didn't need anymore, one that would be perfect to put in her crate so she would have something to lie on.....

That is why he is the nicest guy in the world. He got up, bathed a dog, and then thinking of her comfort, was willing to give up a shirt. All before his alarm went off.

I'm so very lucky.

And so is our daughter. Her dad never thought about getting her up to take care of her wet dog. At least, never thought about it more than once!

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