Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Painting Clothes

Just like making pie crust is no big deal, I've never thought painting a room was too hard. (Thanks Mom!) You just buy your paint and roller and brush and get started.

For spring break, I told my son we would paint his room. He's had the same color since we moved in almost 7 years and he's grown into a teenager who's not as in love with his blue and green scheme as he used to be.

After trail and error, I've learned that if I clear out a room entirely, painting goes so much smoother. His room is EMPTY. I've swept and dusted and wiped down all the trim and I'm ready to start painting.

Except one little detail.

I have worn the same blue jeans and white t-shirt to paint in for 10 years. They are covered with every color we've done in the past, and I love that. But I was thinking today of maybe wearing a different pair of jeans.

I have a pair that I bought to wear to a Toby Keith concert (Ah, Toby with my sisters, there's nothing better!) and I've worn the life out of them all through the years. Seriously. They've got a hole right by the zipper that I think means they can't be worn out in public.

But for the last two years they have sat in my dresser because I am unwilling to part with them....

Until today. I'm not parting with them exactly, just going to move them into the painting clothes rotation. It's time I retired the stretch blue jeans with super tapered pant leg anyway. They were never a good look and covered with paint hasn't helped them one bit.

And, I'll be honest. I'm not sure where the old paint jeans are in my closet, and I'm too ready to start painting to keep looking!

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  1. Not the Toby pants! I still remember that first concert when E. was deployed. Those killer shoes you tried to wear, but you did look awesome!