Friday, April 29, 2011

That Doesn't Bother Me....

Last night I spoke to a room filled with people. Not just a "room" but the middle school commons. And it was packed full. With people standing in the back and spilling out into the hallway.

So a full room. And I was up front, with my note card folded up tightly in my hand just in case the power point slide didn't show the points I wanted to mention, but hoping against hope that I would not have to use the notes because I like a speaker who just gets up and talks with an occasional look at the screen.

I didn't need my notes.

I cracked jokes, people laughed, I received very nice applause when I was done.

I should have reviewed my speech with my daughter before I'd spent all day practicing it, because when I made a joke about fundraisers being a dirty word as I reviewed my speech with her, her idea for a joke was better, 'now let's talk about the f word....fundraisers!' but I am the type of person who after practicing for hours, can not switch it up in the last thirty minutes.

None of that bothers me. I got up and spoke and smiled and didn't turn red. Faintly pink checked, but honestly, I'm always pink checked! I kept on topic, flowed smooth from one point to the next and am very proud of myself for keeping my talk to less than 5 minutes, since in my book report days I had a tendency to ramble and go on and on...

What made me nervous and jittery was......the microphone.

As a kid, I would have been over the moon excited to hold a real, working microphone. As an adult, I was a lot less enthusiastic.

But I did it!

And I came home, put on comfy pants, put my feet up and sipped a much deserved beer. Much, much deserved after having to use a microphone!

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  1. I am so proud of you...wish I had been there. Great job!