Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Walking Zen

I do not like to walk in the dark. Our small town has it's fair share of weirdos wearing blankets and singing all their thoughts. In the dark morning hours, that's a bit too freaky for me. I do not like to walk in the rain. A little sprinkle is okay, but a pouring down deluge that soaks me to the skin is not okay. And while I love my dogs, and like walking them, the three dogs to one me ratio does not equal finding my walking zen.

But today I got up with my alarm and it just felt like the perfect day to walk. I woke my kids up and after my son groggily asked if his sister had first shower, he asked, "Is it sunny outside?" in a voice of clear disbelief. Yes, Son, that yellow glow we see seeping in around the edges of your blackout curtains is not the neighborhood on fire, it is the sun shining.

It Is Not Raining. Glory be!!!

I quietly got dressed, left the dogs sleeping, and hit the sidewalk. It was crisp, chill, and everything was lovely in the sunshine. At first as I walked, my mind was full of 1000 things. The project at work. Shoebox lunches for the teachers. What will I cook for dinner. Mother's Day. First Wednesday.

Then I hit my stride. That moment where my arms and legs are moving in a perfect flow and my mind stops it's pacing and I see the frost on the grass, hear the bird chirps, hear a Beagle that is not ours baying, see the hills glow with sunlight......the moment when I feel peace and a knowledge that God made some pretty neato things and that I am a lucky girl indeed.

It is a very good start to my day.

Except for the guilt I felt when I walked into our driveway and Emma Beagle gave a confused, hurt bark, as if to say, "Mom? You walked without me?"

Other than that, it was good!

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