Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day For Me

I told my husband and children, for Mother's Day or my birthday, just go down to the antique store and buy just about anything down there. I love it all. I love the old dishes, the cups, the dollies, the framed pictures, the books, the child size accordion. Anything would be the right gift for me.

I did not see them go shopping, so I was a bit nervous. Turns out the three of them came up with a bigger and better gift! They gave me money and a trip to an old town where antique shopping is a thriving attraction.

We ate at a little hole in the wall place where the mound of fries that comes with your burger is so ginormous, you have to eat a huge amount of those fries just to uncover your burger. I did not finish all my fries, that's how many there were!

Then we shopped. Oh, how I love to walk through stalls filled with old things. I love that the kids and the husband also enjoy it. Although, they were done with one store long before I was, they were very good about how long it took me to look at everything.

Because that is what I like to do. Look. At. Every. Thing.

I don't want to miss that lovely little item that would be perfect sitting on my shelf. And on this trip, I feel like I didn't miss anything!

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