Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love Me Some Coupons

I love coupons. I clip them out every week, and between them and the comics, that is the only reason we get a Sunday paper.

But am I a extreme coupon-er? No. Do I want to be? Not really.

Good for you, if you are dedicated enough to go to extremes to get something for nothing. If you need to stockpile years worth of deodorant and toilet paper and hamburger helper, please do.

I do not have the space for that kind of surplus. Do I need 25 bottles of ketchup? Well, yes. I do love ketchup, and I'm sure I could go through 25 in a year, but I do not need to have them all lined up in my shelves at the same time.

I'm also brand loyal. I only buy All laundry detergent. I like the way it smells (as in, it has no noticeable smell to me) and we do not itch when we wear clothes washed in it. I only buy Heinz 57 ketchup, and I don't really have the space to list all the reasons why, so I will just say I love it. I only buy Quilted Northern toilet paper because I think it's the best at getting it's job done and in a dire emergency, the store brand four pack, but that is only in a dire emergency.

I have discovered over the course of almost 18 years shopping for my home and family, that I like some things better than others. I have the luxury of shopping at the commissary, so with the already low prices, if I can find coupons for the things I like, I'm excited.

I saved $23 in coupons on Sunday. 9% of our total.

That is extreme enough for me!

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