Friday, May 20, 2011

Magazines Are Wasted On Me

I've come to the horrible realization that while I love to read, and I'm about to hit book #50 for this year, I'm a terrible magazine reader.

Just horrible.

I can't count the number of times my husband has asked, "Did you read that article in the new National Geographic about such and such?" and I respond, "Yes. Well, not quite. I looked at the pictures."

My Country Living magazine just arrived. And the only part of it that I found useful was the corner of the cover I tore off to use as a bookmark in the book I'm currently reading.

I have a stack of This Old House and Coastal Living waiting for me to read. Or at least give the pictures a peruse. And instead of picking one up, I pick up a book.

There are only two magazines I will read cover to cover: People and Simple & Delicious. I don't subscribe to the first because it's expensive and it's weekly. I don't like it enough to have it show up every week, demanding attention. I do subscribe to Simple & Delicious and I love it. I have a slight obsession with recipes and that is why I'm trying to convince my hubby that I desperately need to subscribe to Cooking Light. Granted, I've never cooked anything out of ones I have purchased and my last one purchased at the Vegas airport is still in my car, but I have torn out many pages of things I'd like to try.

I will use those torn pages falling out of my recipe book as evidence that I actually read that magazine!

Sorry This Old House, Country Living, Coastal Living, Sunset, and even The Barking Dog......I am going to have to give you up. Actually I am going to save the money I waste on your subscriptions....and use it on one that I will actually read.

Or at least, will not feel so bad about just looking at the pictures. That's part of the fun of recipe magazines!

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  1. I am the opposite! I am giddy when a new magazine arrives, knowing it will probably be the only thing I read all week!