Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Can Almost Taste It....

I can almost taste it.....and smell it......and feel it.......SEASIDE!!!

Our annual countdown has begun and even though this is our 9th trip, I'm just as excited as I was the first time we packed three sisters and two kids and all the luggage that entails into one car and headed down the coast on a husbandless adventure.

Now we'll pack three sisters and a mom, five kids, two teens and one husband into three cars. It's quite a bit more luggage than it used to be! But the fun and adventure has never diminished.

There is something about that first breath of sea scented, misty air that rejuvenates me. The promise of cold sand between my toes makes me giddy. Dipping into a pool twice a day with my swimming kids is perfection. Well, the cold and clammy bathing suit part is not, but I do love me some swimming pool swims!

Seaside isn't just about the beach, the pool, the food, the shops. It's us, creating a memory that our kids treasure and enjoy so much, they will skip their most beloved band's concert that coincides with our Seaside weekend or will draw a picture of a tilt a whirl on a card that lists the reasons they love their Mom or they will start planning how many sea shells they will collect on our beach combing adventures (for the record it is a single shell).

Simply put: it's family.

15 days to go!

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  1. Jack is drawing pictures everyday of Seaside! He is cracking me up with his excitement! All I can think is "taffy, taffy, taffy!"