Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Garage Sale-ing We Will Go

It's Saturday morning, and my alarm has gone off at 7:20. That means I can hit the snooze a time or two if I need a bit more shut eye, but I only need to hit it once. I'm ready to get up and get ready!

Today is one of two fantastic weekends that occur every year in our town. A huge housing development holds two weekend garage sales, and today is the first one of this year.

It's kind of a thing for us, and I'm not sure how it started exactly, but when I see the sign sitting by the entrance to the neighborhood, I always think I better call my sister so we can make our plans to go! This year my son beat me to it and had already talked to her to figure out how we could make our bi-annual trip work.

Through some loves from our Mom, who's holding down the fort at the snack shop they run during spring little league, and a commitment to get up early on a Saturday, we are planning to be there at 9 to hunt for some awesomeness.

Do I have something I am looking for? Not really. My son does. He's suddenly developed a passion to own a taxidermied fox or penguin. I say the likelihood of him finding that at a neighborhood garage sale in an old dairy town is highly unlikely, but I have been proven wrong many times before.

I never would have thought he'd find an old Raleigh bike worth $300 for $5. But he did.

Now, if I could just get the kids out of bed for real. I've woken them up, they talked to me, but it's a routine I have to do several times before I see them actually emerge from their cocoons. I better do it again. We only have 30 minutes until we have to leave!

We don't want to miss out on any taxidermied foxes. Or penguins!

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  1. This is one of the few times I am sad to not live in Arlington!n I want to go too!