Monday, February 18, 2013

Back To The Walking Way Of Life

My ankle is fully healed and my head is staple free and I've re-committed to walking daily.  It's a pretty hard commitment   What was once so easy to do, was second nature, is now an undertaking I have to seriously motivate myself to follow through.

As I hit the sidewalk with three crazy eager dogs, I thought of a few things I should remember as I get ready for walking each day.

1. Make sure the coffee is hot and ready to drink when I get home.  That promise of coffee is better than a carrot dangling on a stick.

2. Put my gloves in my pocket.  I may not think I need them, but that's the day my fingers will feel like frozen fish sticks before I get home.

3. Make sure my pants are not inside out.  That should be an easy one, but I swear I made sure I was putting my exercise pants on right, and two blocks in to the walk I realized I had most definitely not.

Although, if I just keep the coffee one as a rule, the promise of hot coffee to warm my frozen fingers and the embarrassment of  inside out pants really does eliminate any slow walking!


  1. I've done the inside-out pants thing before, too. :)

    Good luck getting back into your routine.

  2. So glad you are getting back on track too! Great idea to get the coffee going before we head out on these cold days!

  3. It's amazing how motivational the thought of a hot cup of coffee can be. I say, whatever it takes! Fun post, Michelle!

  4. Glad to hear you're healed and back to the grind. Walking every day IS hard. It feels like such an interruption in my day! :-)
    from The Dugout

  5. Never done it with pants, but done it with shirts too many times to count. Glad you're on your feet again. :)