Monday, February 4, 2013

The Reason I Ate 2 Cookies

I know, I know.  I ate two cookies at work.  I walked in this morning, the staff room counter heaped high with golden discs of glory, and I resisted.  I said no thank you.  I declined.   I felt strong in my word and sticking with my goals.

And then I saw the most disgusting giant moth.....seriously, it was the size of a dessert plate....or a 50 cent piece, and it was casually hanging out on the ceiling of the hallway that I must walk through numerous times a day.

I, shockingly, uttered the seldom heard phrase, "sweet merciful gravy" which goes to show how mixed up I was with terror and the heebee jeebees, that I couldn't even formulate a common exclamation of shock like, "gee whiz" or "good golly".

I had to lean pretty far off the side of my chair to see that particular ceiling tile from my desk, but let me reassure you, lean I did.  All morning long.  As I would walk through the hall, I kept my eyes on the invader, just to make sure it stayed put and didn't decide to take my walking under it as a sign to move.

A broom was suggested.  "Just knock it down, Michelle."  Um, no thanks.  What if it fell on me?  What would I do then?  Probably die, after screaming and dancing around like a lunatic.

So it remained, the keeper of the hallway and my resistance to cookies crumbled.  As in, if I had that place of cookies closer, I'd have eaten another two.  Or three.

Towards the end of the day, I was sitting at my desk, worrying about how it would spend the night in the office, probably moth goobering up the place, when a co-worker saw it, and knocked it down and took it out.

I didn't scream when it decide to fly a little after it was moved from the ceiling before it was caught, but I did move as far away from the situation as I could.

And then, of course, I felt bad for the little thing.  Outside is a cold, cold place.  It was just trying to find a little warmth and companionship.  If only it hadn't tried to find it in our office!


  1. I know those moths! One once fell into my pita sandwich. That was a horrible day...

    You deserved those cookies!

  2. Well, maybe you should thank that big fat gigantic moth - - at least it kept you away from the cookies :)

  3. LOL....I am that way with beetle bugs...the lil brown ones...and oh does my family take joy in my discomfort if one is spotted in the house...but unlike you...I don't feel sorry for them at all when they are placed outside the comforts of MY home...

    And I hear ya on the cookies...I am joining weight watchers..tomorrow it seems (been waiting on my friend to be ready), so my excuse for those two (ok, maybe more than two) cookies has been that I am going to be cutting I have the right to enjoy...

  4. Urrghh--moths. I am totally okay with all manner of creepy crawly things like spiders and snakes, but there is something about moths--I think it's that they are often fuzzy/furry in places where no living thing should have fuzz or fur. I don't know, but I can tell you that I am not the kind of woman who routinely has to call her husband to rescue her from "wildlife," but I squealed like an idiot when I closed the bathroom door the other night thus startling an ENORMOUS moth who was trapped in the bathroom with me and immediately flew for my head in an aggressive manner. Hubby assures me that there's no such thing as a "menacing moth." He is wrong.

    1. PS--I find your reasoning on the cookie front to be completely convincing.

    2. Moths are very, terrifyingly, menacing!