Monday, February 25, 2013

Living The Sweet Relish Life

There was a time in my younger life where I wouldn't have touched sweet pickles or their relish with a ten foot pole.  I was a dill pickle girl all the way and firmly believed that relish should be salty and dilly.

But that has all changed and I only want sweet relish.  A hot dog isn't as good without the sweet stuff and a ton of ketchup.

Today I went home for lunch and it was cold and rainy and I had to put drops in Emma Beagles eyes and I just wanted a treat, like a sandwich with tuna and mayo and sweet relish.

It was so good, I savored every single bite, slowly eating while my dogs sat at my feet ever hopeful.  They were disappointed because I did not want to share a crumb.

The younger me would have picked and nibbled and made a mess but not really eaten that sandwich.  Sweet relish in tuna?  What's next?  Miracle Whip?

Hmmmm.....Miracle there's an interesting idea!


  1. I just had a tuna sandwich too. Except no mayo, because that is disgusting and chopped dill pickles, not sweet relish. But still so yummy. Oh, yeah, and hummus to hold it all together. :)

  2. I used to be strictly a dill pickle relish girl too, but age brought me over to the sweet relish side. The sandwich sounds good. Maybe that'll be my lunch tomorrow. :)

  3. My grandmother used to put up dozens of jars of sweet bread-and-butter pickles every year, which started my allegiance to the sweet. She also always had gherkins in her fridge and would never serve a toasted cheese sandwich without a gherkin on the side. That's one of those tastes of childhood things I don't think I'll ever outgrow. I'm a latecomer to dill pickles--and I am CRAZY about dill weed in tuna, chicken, seafood, and potato salads. It's my go-to "secret" ingredient.

    But Miracle Whip? Blech. ;)