Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monstrously Large House Spider

Ever since a moth once flew up into my face as I took my bath towel off the hook, I shake my towels out before use.  I hate moths and may have screamed like a crazy person.

I never thought I should shake out all other's towels but after yesterday I might have to.

I'd just wrapped my towel around my hair and moved on to the next step in my getting ready routine, when a towel fell off a hook behind me.  I turned, startled, and bent to pick it up when I realized that sitting on the towel still hanging, the towel dangerously close to my head, was one of those Monstrously Large House Spiders.

I stepped back, as far back as I could, but our bathroom is like a long, narrow hallway, there isn't too much room to back up.  I slowly inched past the MLHS and got out safely, even though it did turn as if it was watching me, and I called my son who is now a rescuer of spiders, instead of a killer them.

Rescue it, fine, but get it out of my house!

After the MLHS was removed, I went back into the bathroom and gave every towel a shake, and the shower curtain.  No other spiders or moths popped out, but I can't rid myself of the feeling of tiny bug eyes following my every move every time I step into the bathroom!

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