Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh, Right, It's Monday

When my alarm went off this morning, it was with one of those disorienting moments when I just don't understand why the alarm is going off.  What day is it?  What time is it?  Am I late for something?  Should I still be sleeping?

My sleep foggy brain finally alerts me that it is Monday and I have to work and I need to get out of bed right now to make sure my daughter is awake and I need a goodbye kiss before my husband leaves for work and so I do stumble out of bed; wake sleeping child, kiss husband goodbye, pour myself a cup of coffee and sit.

Because while I know it is Monday, and work awaits, I'm just not that into it!  I'm giving myself a few minutes to drink my coffee and try to adjust.

It would help matters immensely if this wasn't the worst pot of coffee I've ever made.  I must have been really tired last night as I was counting scoops!

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