Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey, It's The Beagle Bunch

As previously mentioned on this very witty blog, I walk almost daily. The same way every time. So, it stands to reason that people are not surprised to see me. Once a fellow walker that I kept meeting, asked me my name because, she said, if we are going to keep meeting like this, we might as well be friendly.

That is life in a small town! I smile at everyone I walk past, nod and usually say good morning.

For months, I have been walking past a construction sight. First it was just me and Emma, but now it is me, Emma and Sarah. I usually just smile and nod to the construction workers, but I've been expecting one of them to say something to me.

You know, some sort of shout out for being a foxy lady! A "hey, hot stuff" or a "how you doin'?"

Today is the day. A guy is working close to the fence, it would be impossible for him to not acknowledge me as I drag my Beagles past. Yep, this is the day! I can tell as he drops his load of tools and looks at me and smiles.

I'm ready to be politely flattered, but uninterested. I'm not ready for what he actually says.

"Hey! It's the Beagle Bunch! Morning dogs!"

And you know what? That greeting made my morning.

1 comment:

  1. That is really funny. I love how you are thrilled to be known as the Beagle Bunch! Just don't go adding more dogs or you may be that crazy dog lady! Why does that seem to only happen with cats?