Friday, November 7, 2008

Here's To L's Halloweens Too

Having two Halloween's under my belt, I was ready to tackle L's first one as a 3 month old baby. I put her in a regular outfit, but it was a bit "country" and since D kept asking what Baby was dressing up as, I said a country and western singer. She was pretty cute in her blue jeans!

When she was one, we got a clown costume from somewhere. I know she's going to read this and freak out, since she has serious issues with where her clothes come from. I don't remember where I got it, but it fit perfectly, so, hello little clown! It was also the only year we did face paint. That was a hassle! And it was before I realized how creepy clowns are. I'll never do a clown costume again!

When she was 2, I took her brothers green sweatshirt I'd used for him to be a frog, took off the eyes, and put flower petals on instead. She was a pretty purple flower. At three, she knew exactly who she wanted to be. Actually, from that year on, she had an idea for every costume! At three she was passionate about "The Wizard of Oz" and she went as Dorothy. I was pretty excited to actually crack open the sewing machine and make a blue and white checked dress. It was beautiful! And we found red shoes on clearance to go with her outfit. Perfection!

At four, we had a silver dress to make into the tin man, since she was still wild about Oz, but instead, she asked to be a fairy princess. When she was five, she was Glenda the Good Witch. I was dreading the next year thinking she'd be the Lion or the Scarecrow. She surprised me. At six she was a ninja. That was the only store bought costume of my career, and the last! I was sad to not make her outfit, making her an individual, and completely unique.

When she was 7, she watched Shirley Temple as Heidi, and read a little kids abridge version of the story, and loved it, so Heidi went trick or treating with us. At 8 years old, she loved Annie. She owns the movie, and the soundtrack, and of course, that meant she must be Annie. I admit right now, that red dress would have been impossible for me to make. My Mom to the rescue! Sleeves are my sewing downfall.

When she was 9, she was fresh off of reading Little House on the Prairie, and was wild about Laura Ingalls. She even had hair long enough to braid! It was a very exicting day in our house, because L let me do her hair! Then she was 10, and had watched "Grease" about ten times. She was very specific with her idea. She wanted to be Sandy on the first day of school. White shirt, yellow skirt, yellow sweater. She looked so cute!
Now she's 11, and she still loves Grease. She went as Rizzo, also from the first day of school, with her Pink Ladies jacket. I loved hearing her talk to one of her friends about how some other girls at school also had a Pink Ladies jackets, but hers was better than theirs, because Mom made it, and it actually said Rizzo on the front.

I love that she loves her costumes. I love that she has unfailing belief that I can make anything she wants to be.
She's already planning to go as Frenchy next year, but Frenchy after her beauty school fiasco with the hair dye. I'll keep my eyes open for a pink curly wig!

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  1. You have done an amazing job with costumes every single year - I, for one, have been super impressed! These stories about Halloweens past were great...they made me laugh and cry and remember the joy of opening my door to 2 sweet, scary, clever, creative, beautiful and beloved grandchildren. That's what Halloween has always meant to me!